Efficient shoe packing is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are dealing with travel packing stress and anxiety then we relate to your sentiments on another level. Clothes are easier to pack but you cannot pack boots and heel in an already shrunk luggage. Imagine, leaving behind some of your favorite pairs because you could not take them along on an exciting trip.
Before every trip, the only question lingering on my head is, How to Pack Shoes for Travel? It often gives me nightmares. Let’s not stress ourselves further and think about something bigger and better. An easy list of quick dos’ and don’ts that will help you to save time and frowns from a packing saga.
You need to shortlist the top pairs first. Three to five pairs are more than enough on a trip, but get them sorted. Heels, flats, boots, get one pair each from your enormous collection and place them aside. There is no need to carry two-three pairs of the same category. It is a trip not your house-shifting regime!
You need to consider that the shoes you are taking along are lightweight. Carrying extra load will make your back ache for weeks, ruining a perfect trip. Lightweight shoes luggage is the key to a happy stress less trip. There are shoes that occupy too much space, avoid not bringing them along. You can go without them for sure!
It baffles me when people dumb their shoes on top of the clothes and whine later. There is a specific way to place your shoes. Putting your shoes in the vertical middle of bag helps in carrying it easily without wasting space.
You must prioritize packing shoes first rather than the clothes. Clothes are easy to fold and adjust whereas you cannot squeeze in shoes easily.
Why waste space when you got nothing to lose? Always use the insides of shoes for placing small items like socks, belt or tie. It is a good hack to avoid any misplacement of things as well.
Shoes lovers like me will cry in bed on a trip for having to leave their favorite pair of shoes at home only because it was too heavy to carry. Here’s a hack! You can wear them along without any apprehension.

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