Kate Middleton Loves These Shoes So Much She Bought Them in Two Colors

Ever owned something in two colors? Ever preferred a buying a dress with same design? Probably not! Well, our Duchess of Cambridge LOVES doing that. The reason is unknown, but she has been seen in similar shoes and dresses in two colors! I was rather anxious, so after carrying out a thorough research I shortlisted top pairs that can be a part of your wardrobe this season. After all, one should never miss a chance to brag their shoe collection by saying that, ‘Kate Middleton Loves These Shoes So Much She Bought Them in Two Colors.’
Flat Cross-Over style by Russel and Bromley
Kate has been seen in this $250 shoe off and on. After wearing these comfy shoes, I realized that she is intelligent enough to buy them in two colors. This perfect fit makes your feet feel protected and secured. Comfort is top-notch and the shade looks ethereal with your outfits.
Malory Pumps by Rupert Sanderson
Kate Middleton loves these shoes so much that she bought them in four colors! Can you imagine? It sounds unreal but you can google it yourself. This lean and sleek pair with a pointed heel can be worn at all formal and informal occasions. All you have to do is, find ‘your’ color.
Prada Scalloped Suede Sandals
This pair of heels has been worn in two marvelous colors of purple and nude on various occasions. It perfectly elevates your height and the ankle strap is definitely eye-catchy as well.
L.K Bennett Greta Wedges
Want to elevate your height but without pain? Here’s the perfect solution! These Greta wedges are a wonderful beauty for those who like to experiment with fashion choices. It is available in at least four chic colors.
Prada Velvet Pumps
I gifted these to my mother and she gave me extra hugs. This beauty is a must-have to make your social gatherings comfortable and graceful.
Ladies you need to remember that beauty comes within. No matter whatever you wear, will look wonderful if YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Because you are worth it. The way you carry your shoe and yourself, steals the limelight.

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